Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well, its another week at home in Florida and I am starting my home exercise program that was given to me from the Shepherd Center. My family and I have just joined the YMCA by my house where I will continue my rehab daily. My therapist still comes to my house every week and we build on the things that Shepherd taught me.

My days will consist of the following: 1)Passive Bike for an hour 2) Standing frame for an hour 3) Working out on the Nustep leg bike at the YMCA for an hour 4) Upper body workout at the gym 5) Walking with my braces in my driveway and we hope to walk in the gym at the YMCA soon. 6) I also do a therastim treatment on my quads and calves to keep my muscles strong. Once a week my PT comes to my house and we do various exercises at my house. My legs always feel so great when my PT comes to my house and really works on my core and increasing my strength in the muscles I have regained in my legs.

That is a days work for me! I am excited to start working out at the YMCA and also continuing my walking. My goal is to ween myself from my wheelchair and ONLY use my braces for an entire day. I want to start using my braces everyday, so that I will become more comfortable walking. Its like, if you want to teach someone how to swim, you just throw them into the water! haha Its either SINK or SWIM! I guess I just have to throw myself into "WALKING" so that I will get better at it! I will try to keep posting videos of my workouts at the YMCA and from my therapy at home.

Some GREAT news! Today I took my driving evaluation and passed with flying colors. Vocational Rehab had a driver come from Tampa to my house and we drove around my town. The teacher said I did GREAT and I have NO PROBLEM driving! Now, we are going to look for a vehicle. Once we decide what vehicle to get, Vocational Rehab well pay for the modifications. The gentleman today said, I will NOT need many modifications after he saw what I was able to do! I hope to be driving SOON!! I CANT WAIT!! I am so ready to start driving!


Cynthia Matthews said...

Awesome news about the driving!! Glad to hear that you are continuing to strive towards walking! God continues to do amazing things for you!

Judy May said...

You are such an amazing young man and you inspire me to be a better person. You make me realize I am not nearly as thankful as I need to be for all the blessings God has showered on me and my family. I know He will continue to heal you.

Dave Reed said...


I can not believe that you are going to be driving again and trying to go a whole day in your braces. Wow that is huge step forward. Or should I say, steps forward!!! If you are able to lose any weight in your workout program, let me know, and maybe I will join you...I could stand to lose a few pounds!!! O.K.,I will be honest,a lot!! Keep up the prayers and the good hard work habits and good things will happen for you. God bless! Dave

Kathy said...

Driving is going to be great! Have you found a vehicle yet? Keep working hard. Can't wait to see you walking!