Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Amazing New Progress! Praise God!

In this post I wanted to share with everyone my progress and blessings in my life!! God has blessed me so much as of lately and I am excited about my new progress. Let me leave everyone in suspense and start off by talking about my week.

1)Last weekend, I had a lot of fun as my brother took me out on the lake and I was able to go skiing! Don't jump to conclusions, I was not up on regular skis but I went with the Disabled Water Sports of Florida as they were putting on an event near my house. They had specialized skis that you would sit in and could go out on the lake. The Cypress Gardens ski girls helped out and volunteered to be side skiers. These are professional skiers that you would see do the pyramids and stunts during their shows! (side note: I told me brother that I would rather the GIRLS ski with me!) haha he TOTALLY understood and side skied with others who were boating. It was great to meet others with SCI injuries and also to go skiing! I have not been on the water since my accident so it was wonderful to get some sun and fun!

2)I had my driving evaluation last week and I am currently in the process of looking for a vehicle. I went last Friday to go shopping and I am narrowing my search, trying to find the right vehicle. I am excited to start driving again and can not wait to get out on the road. We will get a vehicle within the next few weeks.

3)Now for the moment you have been waiting for, NEW PROGRESS! I am considered a LOWER MOTOR NEURON INJURY! which means that my legs should NOT respond to electrical stimulation and contract the muscles. I have been using E-stim on my legs everyday since my accident and a few nights ago, I noticed that my calf muscles are FLEXING NOW!! Once I put the E-stim on my legs my calf muscles twitch and fired, something my legs are NOT SUPPOSE TO DO!! For almost 2 years I have NOT seen this happen before. I spoke with one of the top SCI doctors who explained to me that I was regaining motor neurons. He said that in order for the leg to twitch I have to excite the motor neurons, which as a LOWER MOTOR NEURON LESION I am not suppose have them! I took the E-stim, off my legs and whenever i tried to flex my calf muscles I WAS DOING IT! PRAISE GOD!! I am regaining more movement in my legs! Not only am I flexing my calf muscles but I am also wiggling my toes on my right foot at will. I have noticed my toe movements have become more voluntary and I can move them every time. PRAISE GOD!!

This injury has taught me many things, one is patience and also to rely on God. I know I WILL BE HEALED ONE DAY!! I have known this from the beginning! He has a plan for my life that I am just now starting to figure out! He is using my body and my recovery to bring Glory and Honor to him! I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life! I ask for everyone to continue to pray for me as I work towards walking again! THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS!
So much in him,


Sheryl said...


That is so exciting! I have to admit, I drove by your house the other day just to see if I could catch you walking in the driveway! We are still praying!


Sarah said...

SO awesome. Proud of you and keeping the prayers and praise coming!

~Cristina~ said...

2 years?! I can't believe how time has gone by Brent... I love this post and am so excited for all the new things going on in your life! You never told me about the skiing!! That's awesome!! BIG HUGS! :)

Dave Reed said...

Brent, I love hearing about the calves and toes!!!!!! Who would have thought that news about wiggling toes could be so wonderful??? Keep stimulating and challenging those muscles and God will keep heling and connecting them...Good luck on the car...I hope to hear about the left toes soon!!! You are in our prayers always!!!! dave