Sunday, September 6, 2009


I know these videos are looking redundant and I apologize for that. However, my walking is becoming faster and faster during each of my walking sessions. I am able to cover more ground and increase my distance during each session. Not ALL of my Beyond Therapy regiment has consisted of walking. I work out for 3 hours a day, (3x1 hour sessions) and during each hours session I am doing something different. I have only really posted videos of my walking, because that is what I am most proud of and my therapist always has an aide "helping/watching" during my walking sessions so he is always free to shoot the videos. During my other hours sessions the aides are usually not available so I do not have anyone to shoot the videos.

I am making SO MUCH progress, each week I am constantly encouraged by my gains. God is truly blessing me along this path to recovery. I realize this is going to be a VERY LONG and arduous task but I know I will over come this injury. I have always kept the thought, that I AM GOING TO BEAT THIS THING, IM NOT GOING TO LET IT BEAT ME! My therapy each day is very hard and I am pushed to my limit in each session. At the end of this walking session, I had to have the chair put under me with 5 min to go in the hour, not because I was done, but because I ALMOST PASSED OUT! I am trying to walk further and faster with each and every day. It drains me both mentally and physically, but my strength does not come from myself, but from God who sustains me! If I keep my focus and allow him to work through me, I know that I will walk again one day! He has already showed me so much progress, I will continue to trust in him and we will see this miracle through!

On another note: While online the other day, I was contacted by that girls mother who I had met at shepherds from the random stranger at the concert. All of her family and friends were coming up on Sunday to meet with her and she wanted me to share my story with all of her friends and family. I met them up in the lounge on the 6th floor Sunday afternoon and we talked for a few hours. It was wonderful, to share with all of her friends and family the blessings I had received throughout my recovery and to encourage them and give them HOPE. I remember what it was like to be in her shoes, to hear the grim outlook from the doctors, to hear you will never walk again. I remember how NO ONE had answers for me. All I ever heard was, "NO ONE KNOWS how you will heal, BUT STATISTICALLY SPEAKING BLA BLA BLA"...(that was usually the part where I tuned out my doctors)haha! I want so badly to meet with newly injured patients and tell them, THAT THERE IS HOPE!!! WE CAN WALK AGAIN!! Through a lot of faith, prayers, and hard work we CAN MAKE IT! I hope to make that my mission once I recover from this injury!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! I COULDN'T have made it this far without all of your help and encouragement! PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYER FOR COMPLETE HEALING, as I KNOW it will come!


Dave Reed said...

Brent, we are all very proud of your hard work you are putting forth every day. I know God is looking down on you and saying that someday when you are walking again this great trial of testing your faith and ability to stay with the program is going to help you to be a great servant in his Kingdom....and the future is definetely going to need a some great leaders that truly understand how to be longsuffering for the Kingdom. Your trial is developing that spiritual gift for you to use for Him. I certainly can see you moving those legs a bit faster; I hope that means you are getting more feeling in new parts of the legs, feet and toes!!! God is with you and watching over you, and we keep reminding him with our prayers to take good care of you!!!!Thanks again for the update. God bless! Dave

Linda Wiest said...

Brent, I read about you today in the Sentinel. Have you heard of Step it Up Recovery Center in Sanford? It's relatively new and was founded by a friend whose granddaughter was in a car accident two years ago. Please check it out at: Good luck and I hope the center can help you on your road to recovery.
Linda Wiest

Judy May said...

It is amazing to watch your progress! I know you must be exhausted at the end of each day but it's also the best feeling in the world! Keep up the hard work. You remain in my prayers.

yelitza eide said...

Hi Brent: I just watched the video of your progress. It's wonderful to see how your strenght and faith in the Lord keep you going. Never forget that the Lord still do miracles, we just have to wait and trust that moment to come. God Bless, Yelitza Eide

EnigmatiCore said...

Brent, congratulations!

Are you still at the Shepherds Center?

If so, are you able to visit other guys there?

If so, do you think you might check in on my nephew? I'll give you details on name and such if they allow it, you would be so willing, and are able. His accident was about a month and a half ago, and he's putting a very brave face on for everyone.

Lewis said...

Read the article in the Sentinel, then read through all of your blog posts. AWESOME VIDEOS!!! Man, your progress has been tremendous. Keep up the strong work. Your absolute faith and mental toughness will ensure your success. God bless you
Lewis Herzbrun