Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, im sorry again for the delay in my blog posts but I hope to get back on track of writing every Sunday night.

I AM HOME FINALLY!!!! With mixed emotions I have returned home to Florida for a break from rehab. I hope to return to Beyond Therapy in the future but until then I will be at home working on a home exercise program that was given to me from Shepherds. I was very pleased with the Shepherd center and the progress that I have made throughout my time there. I have increased my stamina and strength and I am still seeing great progress in my legs.

I have been extremely blessed by everything God has done in my life! I would NOT be where I am today had it not been for all of your prayers and support. From the beginning of this injury, I have made up my mind, THAT I WILL WALK AGAIN!! Despite what any doctor or the statistics says, I will OVERCOME this to walk again. I will not lie, it has been a struggle but my goals are in sight. I have been working hard during my rehab, and I am still in need of more return to my legs, but I know it will come. I have prayed for complete healing and complete healing I know I will receive! I have not lost my focus and never thought for one second what my life would be like in a chair. I know that this will be temporary and I will continue to work and pray until my goal are accomplished. God does not know medical statistics, nothing is impossible to God! I ask for everyone to PLEASE keep me in their prayers and continue to ask for complete healing. Pray that my legs will return to me fully, I know it will happen! I have already defied the odds due to your prayers and I know my progress will continue!

Below is a video of my LAST walking session at Shepherds. I was able to walk two full laps around the basketball court without stopping. My progress has been amazing but the BEST IS YET TO COME!! One day, I will walk again and I will be completely restored. BELIEVE IT!! Because I do!! Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I have not been doing this alone and I am forever grateful!

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Mary B said...

Every vido looks better than the last. I can see that you are not straining near like you were when you started your laps. You will get there I know.