Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sorry for the delay! WEEK 6 Beyond Therapy! WOW!

Hey everyone! Im back! I apologize for not posting last week. I left Atlanta to come home to Florida for the week for my brothers wedding. I had a great time back home and was so happy to see my brother marry such an awesome girl in Brooke! I was allowed a week off of beyond therapy to come home for the wedding. As soon as the wedding was over I traveled back up to Atlanta to start therapy the next day!

My first day back from "vacation" I came into the gym and the very first thing my therapist said was, "Brent, meet me outside in the gym, we are walking!" I spent my very first hour back in therapy walking (video below). This is only my second time ever walking without braces (the first time was the day I left for Florida which u saw in the previous post). Last week I walked every day for one of my sessions in Beyond Therapy! I am slowly getting better at my walking! The secret is getting my technique down and not trying to rush everything. My very first time back my triceps and hands were KILLING me from putting so much weight through my arms. By the end of the week, I was putting less and less pressure through my arms and walking became MUCH easier!

I am still lacking crucial muscles return in parts of my legs to allow me to walk completely unassisted. My progress is more than ANYONE could have ever imagined, but im still not out of the woods yet! My therapy is going to be long and tedious for years to come! But one thing I can promise you..I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!! No matter how long it takes or what I have to go through, I will not STOP until I walk again! I will never settle for a wheelchair, I will overcome this! I must lean on my faith and on the prayers of everyone for God to give me the healing as only he can do! Doctors have done all they can do for me! My recovery is now in God's hands! He is the only one who can give more return to my legs and I have FAITH WITHOUT DOUBT that it will be done! Please continue to pray for more healing. My requests stay the same and will remain constant until i walk again! DONT GIVE UP ON ME! KEEP THE FAITH!


Dave Reed said...

Brent, using my unprofessional analysis, I think you will be walking by the end of September. I can not believe how far you have come. I get excited for you as I watch you advance each week in the videos. I think of your first time to Shepards in the walking machine and then I look at you now and I am amazed. All I can say is that God is great!!! Keep up the hard work and God will do the rest.

Matt said...

Great progress, dude! Don't give up!

Dave Reed said...

Hey Brent, I guess you are too busy to slip a new video on us or maybe you have not met your expectations for improvement. How much or how little should not matter to the "marathon man"! Remember you are on a jouney and there will be bumps in the road but the bumps should never distract you from your journey. Keep the faith! You have a lot of spirits that are lifting you up daily to the Father...and we know he is with you and he can do all. He is the marathon man of eternity...that is pretty BIG!!!!! I am looking forward to your next matter how much you have improved!!!

C said...

I'm waiting on a new post B!!! :) Miss you...

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent,

My sister, Debbie Thomas, told me about you today and your amazing story. She lives in Leesburg and her children went to the bible school. My son, Michael Leitson, is a patient at The Shepherd Center until Sept. 23rd. He is located on the 2nd floor in room 236. We would love to meet you.

Our prayers are with you,
Lynn Leitson