Monday, August 17, 2009


I would probably count this past Saturday as one of the best days I've had in a very long time! God is SO GOOD and he always provides for me! When I set off to come to Atlanta, I knew that insurance was not going to cover my bills and I would have to pay for it out of pocket. My therapy in Atlanta is very expensive and this past weekend God answered my prayers and provided for me as he always does.

Robin Lashley, one of my best friends but the event together. Robin, who I consider one of the biggest spiritual GIANTS in my life, with the help of a few people, put together one of the greatest fund raisers I could have ever imagined. I arrived at the Wekiva River State Park Saturday morning to a mob of people standing in front of a big banner which read: FIRST ANNUAL BRENT ADAMS CHARITY CORN HOLE TOURNAMENT 2009! I was in shock at how many people were there at the gates to welcome me as I drove in! Once I picked my jaw off the floor, my mom reached around and dropped the newspaper in my lap! The headline read, POPULAR OHIO SPORT PLAYED TO HELP FRIEND! As I read the story in the paper, my heart was overwhelmed by the love and support that I have had since my injury!

Robin had gathered many sponsors from around the Orlando area to help donate to my charity. The event consisted of large tents, bbq grills, professional corn hole tournament reps, banners, t-shirts, canoeing, raffle tickets and door prizes. This was a professional charity event, with marketing, advertisement in the paper and other media. There was a LARGE turn out with many people I had never met before, but came just to support me! I doubt very few people has had the opportunity to feel the love that was shown to me that day! It will go down as one of the best memories of my life!

The monies raised on Saturday will go a LONG ways in helping me with my therapy bills in Atlanta. It is very expensive but God always provides a way! Since the beginning of this journey I have been on, I have been amazed at how the doors have opened for me! Every need that I have had has been met and my expectations have been exceeded. God always blesses with abundance and he did for me on Saturday.

I would like to give a SPECIAL THANK YOU: to ROBIN LASHLEY, who organized the charity, and the many company sponsors who gave so generously to help fund the event. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for everything! God has been blessing me with this amazing miracle of a recovery and is opening the doors to make it EASIER ON ME AND MY FAMILY!



Dave Reed said...

You deserve it Brent! You have used your injury to be an inspiration to more people than you will ever know. Keep up the faith and the hard work and your richest blessing will come.

Sheryl said...

I hadn't heard about this, that is wonderful! I would love to see pictures!