Thursday, August 13, 2009

Week 7 In Beyond Therapy!

I would like to start off by apologizing again for the delay in posting. I will try my best to post every Sunday night/ Monday morning, but every once in awhile I cant get caught up on everything and I am a few days behind. But I will try hard to post every week. I have been trying to take new videos of some therapy, but they are walking me ALL THE TIME NOW! I am sorry for the redundant videos, of pretty much the same thing. I walk in almost every therapy session I have now!

You may look at the video in this post and think, I've seen this before, but I am progressing so much more than what you can see. It may be hard for you to tell the difference in my videos, but I am walking further and further in each session. The first time I tried walking, I got about....20 feet, and I WAS DONE! completely exhausted and drenched in sweat. My hands where killing me and my triceps were on fire from squeezing the life out of the walker because i was afraid of falling. Now, I am walking several laps up and down the basketball court, baseline to baseline, with fewer rests and stops. I am getting less fatigued and I am able to push myself further in each session.

My therapists who was assigned to walk with me two days ago for our session had never walked with me before. He told me that he had a preconceived notion with how he would have to walk with me based on my level of injury. He figured he would have to pull my legs forward and manually guide my steps. He also figured he would have to put his shoulder into my backside to keep my hips forward so that I would not FLOP and keep my posture. He told me he was shocked when he saw that I could do all of those things on my own! He said walking with me is easy, because all he has to do is keep contact guard on my knees so that i don't fall down. He told me he was very impressed with what I was able to do on my own!

I have no doubt I will walk again on my own one day! I am getting stronger, but I am still in need of more return in my legs to be completely independent. My quads, and hams are still lagging behind, which is why my therapist are needing to help me on my knees.

I know that this path has been put before me for a reason! But I know I am NOT doing this alone! I have more support than ANYONE I have ever known with an SCI injury! Everyday I am humbled by the love that is shown towards me and my family as I am fighting to recover! It has been my goal from the beginning to show the world, and ALL THE DOUBTERS what is possible through the power of prayer, and the miracles that are possible to those who believe in God! My recovery has not been through anything that I have done, but by God blessing me and granting me this recovery. I take ZERO credit for all my progress! The doctor told me in Arkansas that in order for me to walk again, it would take a miracle! Well....THAT CAN BE DONE! Please continue praying for my total and complete healing! AND HAVE THE FAITH, that it will happen!
So much in him,


Dave Reed said...

Wow! Brent I can tell from the video that you have made a lot of progress in a short time. The small amount of nerve recovery you are getting back is making a big difference. I could see you pulling your lsgs forward and balancing yourself with pressure on the legs better than ever before...and that is what the legs need in order to enhance their response in recovery. Keep up the fight there is definetly positive movement in nerve growth and in your progress. Thanks for taking the time to get us another video, I love to see them; and to see God's love being injected into your heart and your body. Our prayers are with you always.

Debby McCrary said...

Brent, so I am checking in for the 1st time. After todays fun cornhole tournament, (In which I seem to fling instead of throw, almost hitting Robin a few times) I found info on your blog. The video shows great perseverance and skill, very impressive. Although you don't seek any credit,it has to be said that you are an excellent example of faithful footprints & constant courage. This desire and attitude is a choice, all of which is to your credit.

BTW, I told you I ask my Texas friends if they had heard of Cornhole...all of the replies were, "NO!What's that?"
So, I guess it has to be said that us Texan's don't know everything :)

Praying for another prosperous week.