Saturday, July 18, 2009


What another amazing week at the Shepherd Center! I am making great progress and the therapists continue to encourage me! I am still lacking some return which is making it difficult to walk completely unassisted. I am still praying for more strength in my knees and quads. I need to be able to stand without grabbing anything and using all of my quads and gluts! BUT ITS COMING!!!

I am so encouraged by my recent progress that I have made at the Shepherd Center and I am SO BLESSED by the recovery that the Lord has given me! Everyday I look around the Beyond Therapy gym and I see so many people who are less fortunate than I am. I thank God everyday that my injury was not as bad as it could have been! Its a miracle that my neck was not broken and I am not breathing from a machine and driving a wheelchair with a straw. I could have broken my neck so easily but I was spared and I am forever grateful for that.

This week in rehab, I worked with one of my favorite therapist: GUSTAVO or "GUS"! He is from Costa Rica and has been such an encouragement to me! Every time I work with him he praises my progress and makes me feel great about myself. Just the other day, he told me: "Brent, don't get down on yourself and your progress, I have been doing this for a long time and what you are able to do with your hips and your core strength to extend your legs is AMAZING!" He went onto tell me how he believes that God is in total control of my life. He told me that if it is God's will than I WILL WALK AGAIN...NO QUESTION.

I always get so much encouragement from my therapists who are always rooting me on and cheering for me during rehab. I am so blessed to be at such an awesome rehab center.

BELOW IS THE MOMENT YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR: DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! haha This was something that I have never done until coming to Shepherds. I am walking without braces, only an A.F.O. which is an ankle support and some assistance from my therapist. Gustavo is working with me on the video below on my walking...yes...ON MY WALKING!! He is using his hands to help support my knees a little so that they do not buckle but is allowing me to bend it and pull my leg through and then straighten it in a natural walking pattern! I am actually taking steps on my own! I pulling my leg through an straightening it, but my knees are not strong enough for my therapist to walk away completely. So enjoy this video that was shot last Thursday. I actually walked 2 laps of a basketball court, on my trip back up the court my walking was MUCH better but we didn;t film it.. haha SORRY GUYS!
You are watching FAITH and PRAYERS in ACTION!! Below is just an testament to the AWESOME POWER OF GOD!! If we believe in our hearts WITHOUT DOUBT....ANYTHING is possible!! Mark 11:22-24 and James 1:6 (two of my favorite verses)


mmlace said...

Incredible, Brent! So glad to see your progress, I know you're working so HARD! You continue to be in our prayers!

We had a blood drive at church yesterday, and I was able to give for the first time in a year! (My iron level has been low lately). But I was good to go yesterday, so I gave...but you know I can never do that w/out thinking of you!

Much love!


c_mount56 said...

What amazing progress you are making!
It is so inspiring to read your blog...thanks so much for keeping us informed. Our prayers continue to be with you, and are so thankful you are seeing changes -- and walking!!
God is so good!

Encouraging from Ohio.....
Colleen Mount

Bowsman Family said...

Brent, that's awesome! Congratulations. We're still praying hard for you!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

You are amazing!!!!!!

Dave Reed said...

Brent, thanks for getting this posted where I can blow it up and "really see it"!!!! I marvel at the handiwork of God how he has worked with you and become so much a part of your life. As I told you Sunday I am officially giving you the new nickname of "marathon man" becuase of your renewed patience in waiting on the long time it takes for nerve recovery, and your faith that energizes you to keep going, and the positive inspiration you have become to so many others. Keep it up, I am really proud of you. Dave

cheryl jaskot said...

Dear Brent, What an amazing video. I am so encouraged that the more you walk the stronger you become. Thanks for letting all of us share in your exciting progress. Cheryl Jaskost

Anonymous said...

What amazing results you are getting! I haven't been able to open your blog for a while--don't know why. I kept getting an error message but today it worked and I was able to see your updates. Your patience is surely being tested but it seems to be holding up. You have so many people praying for you and you are seeing the results of that and your commitment to giving everything to God. Keep strong. With love, Jackie Hanegan

Mary B said...

Keep it up!!!!!!!You've come a long ways already. Love Ya. Mary