Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 4 in the Books!! IM LOVING IT!

Well, week 4 has been completed and I am currently into my 5th week in Beyond Therapy. As the weeks move along it appears that they are increasing the intensity of my workout sessions. They are pushing me further and further trying to get the most out of the return in my legs. So far my therapy has consisted of a lot of core stability and strengthening which I will need first and foremost. Im still needing return to come back so that they can really focus on certain muscle groups.

I have seen a lot of recovery in my body. Its hard to explain to people the differences I am feeling. People need to see certain movements to understand that I am making improvements. My legs however are continually changing on me! It feels almost like every week I am regaining new sensations in my legs. My legs have become more sensitive and I am getting new feelings running throughout my body. I know that changes are coming I CAN FEEL THEM! Most of my gains in therapy so far has come in my strength. The movements that I could do in the past are much stronger and the therapists remain encouraged.

It was explained to me by one of my therapists that no one understands my body like I do. He told me that the therapists still have not fulling come to understand my body and my capabilities. I am still rather new to the program and they need time to evaluate me. They are not ruling out any possibilities to my recovery. Everyone is different they explained to me! Some people regain function quicker than other and some never regain function at all. However, I KNOW SOMETHING THEY DONT! I know without doubt or question that my body will be restored through the power of prayer. I do not believe I was brought this far without a master plan. I have seen so many miracles in my recovery thus far and I am sure there are still more to come!

My recovery is not going to be measured in weeks or months but YEARS! It is a long and slow process. I am not in a sprint but a marathon. I must keep actively working my legs and rebuilding my neuro connections. I have seen so many amazing stories of success here at Shepherds. I have heard of people regaining function many YEARS out from their injury! I have seen people walking the gym, people who had NO RETURN 1.5 yrs out from injury as I am now. They are 5-10 years out and are able to walk unassisted and with great ease...JUST LIKE BEFORE their injury! I know that will be ME ONE DAY!!

Below is another video I took during my therapy last week. This video was shot on the same day as the previous post. I am working in the Smith Machine, which is just a fancy name for the Squat Rack. I am doing tall kneeling and working on movement in my hip flexors. As you can tell I am able to pull my leg through on the mat. This is using my hips and pelvis, MOVEMENT I SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DO FOR MY LEVEL OF INJURY....BUT I AM!!! I hope you enjoy these videos, I will try to keep posting more. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR ME DAILY!! I want to recover from this injury SO BADLY!!


Kimberly said...

Brent I agree with you 100% - you never cease to amaze or inspire me, God is good indeed!

Brent wrote "I do not believe I was brought this far without a master plan."

With constant prayers and love,


Judy May said...

It's been several weeks since I've been able to read your blog. You are doing an amazing job! This looks like such hard work but you are giving it your all. I know with God's help you are going to continue to heal.

Robin Lashley said...

Yay - I could get used to seeing a video with every post! We all miss ya down here, but are so excited with what's happening in Atlanta. :)

Dave Reed said...

Brent, I was so glad when the camera moved around to your right side, the front view looked like they had cut your legs off! That is the first time I have seen you on your knees. It looks like you are learning to support your weight using a building block approach!!! Strengthen the quads, then the calves and then the arches will spring back to a normal cadence. Well, you might not be marching in cadence, but you get the picture!!! Brent I am so happy that things have gone so well for you and that you have grown into a great marathon faith man. The marathon men are the ones that finish most races in life, especially the race to heaven. We might not be running beside you, but we are in the race with you, all the way. Brent you have a gift, the Holy Spirit; lean upon the Holy Spirit, He is connected to God and He will give you peace, power and hope. He is a pretty cool guy!!! Thanks for the update. Dave

Bloguero2009 said...

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11