Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Last Week in Florida! Shepherds here I come!

Well this is my last week in Florida. On Saturday June 13th I will be driving to Atlanta, Georgia where I will be for the next two months. I have been so blessed with all the doors that have been opened for me to make this possible. I am excited about the upcoming trip and I can not wait to see the results from my hard work and therapy. My family and I have rented an apartment that has just opened up DIRECTLY across from the Shepherd Center. This will be the best scenario because I will be able to take myself to rehab everyday without my mom having to drive through the crazy Atlanta traffic. (I will post my address once I arrive next week!) I am amazed at how the doors have opened for me to be accepted into this program.

Many of you have asked questions about what "IS" Beyond Therapy? I have posted a link to the Shepherds website below on Beyond Therapy so that you can read all about it. There are three different programs you can be apart of in therapy. I am going to be apart of the Physical Enhancement Program, and the Experimental Protocol Program. Read through the site and you can get a better understanding of the program (AND YES IT WILL BE HARD AS IT SOUNDS!)

I have a video camera that my family has purchased to take to Shepherds so that I can film some of my sessions. I want everyone to be apart of my recovery so that you can see what I am doing everyday. This way, you can know EXACTLY what to pray for during my therapy! Please pray extra hard for me during my time at Shepherds, this is a GREAT opportunity and I want to get the most out of it!

The other day I came across another wonderful website I would like everyone to browse. Shepherd Center has a site called and it shows video clips of the center and success stories of some of the patients at the center and in Beyond Therapy. I have browsed through this site several times but if you are curious as to the care I will be receiving take a minute and browse this site. Click on the SPINAL CORD INJURY PROGRAM and the STORIES OF HOPE! Many of the people in this video are friends of mine who I had met during my stay as a day patient back in October. This video allows everyone to see the center and the awesome facilities they have at the Shepherd Center. MY GOAL IS TO BE ONE OF THE STORIES OF HOPE!! In time I know I will be one of the success stories of hope! This is a great site and I encourage everyone to take the time to look through spinal injury program and stories of hope sections.

Finally, I have posted yet ANOTHER video of my progress!! A few weeks ago FOR THE FIRST TIME, I was able to extend my legs at the knees! I can do leg extensions now, which means I have regained some of my quad muscles in my legs. PLEASE PLEASE continue to pray for me! Without your prayers none of this would be possible! Pray that I make considerable progress during my time at Shepherds and pray for TOTAL AND COMPLETE HEALING! I know this blog post has A LOT of videos and websites but this will give you a better understanding of my time away!! I WILL WALK AGAIN!! Never give up on me and NEVER STOP BELIEVING! Miracles DO HAPPEN and they ARE happening with me today!


Anonymous said...

Hi Brent,
We will continue to pray for complete healing. We are so happy with your healing so far and look forward to hearing more.
Ken and Barbara Roberts
Jamima Edney
(Matt's parents and grandmother)

Anonymous said...

We are so happy that you are headed to Atlanta for more therapy! We are thankful for your wonderful progress this far and continue to pray for your full recovery.
God bless you.
Morris and Brenda Seawel

Dave Reed said...


I hope you had a good trip to Atlanta yesterday. The new video is un-believable!!!! I am amazed at your progress. I can not even begin to imagine how Shepherd is going to facilitate a faster recovery time for you than what you have done on your own with your therapist. Watching your recovery has been one of the most amazing testimonies of faith I have witnessed in my life time. Keep up the HARD work and your faith of Abraham and I know you will be walking soon. I will try to get to Atlanta to see you. Take care and keep mom entertained and content with a positive attitude; because she was the seed of hope and the pillar of faith when everyone else was unsure about your future. Remind her daily what a great mom she is, because she is. It was her faith and then your faith that turned your dad into a model servant. In case no one has told you having a mom and dad that gives so much is a blessing beyond measure. I admire you and your faith and I also admire your mom and dad and the tremendous example they have set for so many. The richness of your family is the many messages you send through your actions. It is obvious to all, God is with you...and that is all you need. God bless! Dave