Sunday, June 14, 2009

IM IN ATLANTA!! I have a big week ahead of me!

Yesterday morning my family and I drove up to Atlanta where we got settled into my new apartment. My apartment is extremely nice, and directly across from the center which is the BIGGEST PLUS. The apartment isn't completely wheelchair accessible, but it will work out just fine. The best thing about the apartment is how close it is to the center. I will be able to take myself to therapy and come home on my own, saving my mom from driving through the horrible Atlanta traffic. My therapy will begin on Tuesday at 1:00pm-5:00pm. My first day will just be an evaluation. They will test my legs and find out a course of action to take on my therapy. My first ACTUAL day begins on Wed and then again on Friday. The next week we start the all out therapy sessions! I cant wait to get started!! I will do my best to post a little more frequently as my therapy progress to keep everyone informed on my progress. I will also try to post more videos so everyone can see my therapy 1st hand! SO STAY TUNED. I am sure my next several posts will be the most exciting yet!

I have been so blessed with my recovery thus far! I give ALL the glory and honor to God for my progress and will continue to give him all the praise for each and every gain I make. This journey I am on is all for his glory so that he will be praised through my trials. With each and every blood, sweat and tears that I will shed throughout the next few months will all be for his glory (hopefully there wont be to much blood involved) But maybe? who knows what they will make me do in therapy!

Each day I am blown away by the course my life has taken since this accident and I am reminded daily just how blessed I am! The doors that have opened for me and my recovery has been a miracle! I encourage everyone out there who has doubts to what an awesome God I serve to just watch my videos and hear my story! I was given NO HOPE, I was told it couldn't be done with my level of injury but I am defying the odds and I am rewriting the medical books! I have always known that I would walk again and I tell people that without the slightest hesitation of speaking TOO SOON! I simply JUST KNOW IT! its just a matter of time! You see....I have to believe and I CAN NOT DOUBT! This miracle will come to fruition in time, through faith and prayer! Thank you all for following this blog and please share it with others. It is my journal of thoughts, and my ministry to others, just until I can get out and tell my story IN PERSON more! Please pray for my continued recovery. Pray for total and complete healing!
P.S. Many of you have asked what my address is in Atlanta so here it is: I am staying at the WESTCHESTER AT PEACHTREE VALLEY APARTMENTS!

40 Peachtree Valley Rd NE
Apt# 1531
Atlanta, Ga 30309


Anonymous said...

We are all pulling for you, Brent, and praying even harder. Keep us informed as you progress and remember that God's glory is seen in your weakness and His ability to make all things work together for your good. That includes ups and downs. Work hard. Love you, Loretta

Dave Reed said...

Brent, I am very excited for you that you get to be challenged and encouraged by the Shepherd Center experts. I know that excites you as you ave worked hard in the past and continue to work hard to achieve your goal. God usually blesses those that are willing to work hard at building and sharing their faith. You have been exemplary in both catagories. I can't wait for the new videos and your progress reports. May God bless you more each day! Dave

:o) said...

I've been thinking about you a lot the past couple of days Brent... I hope you got a great start!! I'm on the edge of my seat I can't wait to hear about all the great things that are happening....

Sancy Courson said...

Brent, We are so excited you are at Beyond Therapy! You will indeed walk by faith... Your attitude and faith inspires so many others. We lift you up in prayer and know that God will continue to bless you. Tell your mom hi!

The Coursons