Friday, June 26, 2009

Week 2 Beyond Therapy!

Well,I have successfully finished my second week of Beyond Therapy and BOY AM I SORE!! I have never been this sore in my life! I am working harder than ever before and I am seeing some pay offs for all of my hard work. God has truly blessed me in providing the opportunity to come to a place like Shepherds and work to regain my ability to walk! The therapists here at Shepherds are WONDERFUL and I have made so many great new friends and caught up with old friends throughout first two weeks!

This week, we worked a lot on my core strength and helping my balance when I am standing. I did repetitive exercises in the standing position of: straightening my legs, extending my leg forward, straightening the knee, breaking the knee and pulling it back under my body. I did this exercise almost everyday while also working on my standing balance. We did hip exercises where I would move them in order to do weigh shifts to help in my walking motion.

On Wednesday, I was very fortunate to have my Aunt and Uncle from Alabama drive down for the day to visit me. It was SO GREAT to see both of them and I especially enjoyed showing off for them in therapy. They got to the center just as I was fixing to start my pool therapy session. This was my very first session in the pool and I must say, IT WAS MY FAVORITE! The therapist couldn't stop talking about how much progress I had made since my stay there in October. I walked several laps in the pool and did various underwater movements with resistance and did INCREDIBLY WELL! I was so glad my aunt and uncle where there to see it and LOVED seeing them. We laughed the entire afternoon!

On Friday we worked on my standing as well. The video below was taken this past Friday. This was just one of several exercises we did in this standing position. I stood there for AN HOUR doing various exercises working on my hips and leg movements. The video below was not even the most impressive exercises but it was the only one my therapist shot. I needed to focus and not worry about being a movie star apparently!

God has blessed me SO VERY MUCH during this past year on my recovery! I HOPE AND PRAY that the Lord will use me and this injury to bring others closer to him! He is doing an AMAZING thing in my body and performing miracles DAILY! Please keep me in front of God and pray that I will recover SOON!


Dave Reed said...

Brent, we loved the video and your great expressions each time you turned and looked at the camera! It was like you were saying, "did you see that?" I am glad to hear that you are working hard and getting good results I hope to come up and see it for myself. Keep up the good work. You know you are in our prayers daily! Thanks for the video it really is special to all of us that are inspired by your faith in action. We will miss you on the 4th, but I know your desire is to walk on that dock soon!!! Stay vertical!!! We will see you soon. Dave & Jeannie

Kimberly said...

Brent the video is great but I know you are just tapping into the beginning of what you will do with God's help! You are inspiring to many, love your blog! With constant prayer, love, Kimberly

Anonymous said...

Brent, I love hearing your positive attitude and encouraging news. Keep it up! We can't wait to see you at the end of this month!
Kim Taksey

Jennifer said...

Aaron and I were just thinking about you and it seems that you are doing great!! We think of our fun times with you often. I hope you got my email about our engagement-our date is Oct. 25 in Bella Vista. We really hope that you and your family can come. We would love to see you again and catch up. I'm so proud of your strength and courage. Sorry we're so bad at emailing but now that I've moved to LR and have "high speed" I will do better! We will be living here in SandPiper near Tara Tarole. Can't wait to catch up and hear from you. Jennifer

Lisa Carter said...

As I was reading and watching your new video, I realized that I was just shaking my head in amazement at what I was seeing. You are truly inspiring, Brent. I'm so thankful that you are where you are and that you are receiving the care so few people are blessed to experience. You WILL walk. In a way, you really already are!