Friday, May 29, 2009


What an amazing week I have had in therapy! A few days ago, I stood up (on my own) for my first time since my accident. I still have a long ways to go but my progress is amazing. My legs are still very weak but they are being healed by the power of God through all of your prayers! If you pray for me on a regular basis and pray to God for my recovery then you can watch the video below as proof that prayer works! You can see with your own two eyes, that nothing is impossible! I was told in the beginning that recovery from the severity of my injury would not be possible. Well, apparently my Doctors didn't ask God if it was possible, they just looked at their statistics!

Please understand that I am no where near out of the woods yet! My recovery is still going to be a long, and hard road. This injury is hard on my family as well as myself. This injury and my recovery has taken a lot from my family. Both time and financially we have had to make sacrifices to give me the best rehab in the country. I am forever grateful for my family and the sacrifices that everyone has made to see this miracle through. Please pray for my entire family as we leave in just two weeks and move to Atlanta for a couple months of therapy (June 13th I will be leaving.)

I am so extremely blessed with such a wonderful Christian family. From the minute I got news of my acceptance into the Beyond Therapy Program my Christian family went to work for me helping me find a place to stay. I have never seen networking quit like when you put my church family and parents small group to the task! It was unbelievable how the word has spread. I doubt there is not one single church in all of Georgia that does not know I am coming to Atlanta! haha! I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Now for the moment everyone has been waiting for.....drum roll please!! haha The video below is of me standing up on my own. (im still working on the whole balance thing) but its coming! Please continue praying for me! Pray for my total recovery and with Gods help we will see that miracle happen!


Dave Reed said...

I love it!!!!!! "Stone by Stone a Palace"; or hard work followed by more hard work and Brent walks again!!!! Keep going buddy, you will get there. I love your spirit and your ability to stay focused. You are setting a great example for everyone that has struggles in their life. God will continue to bless you because He knows that you are touching the lives of many people for His cause.

Rhonda Fernandez said...
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Rhonda Fernandez said...

God is so amazing and all powerful in his glory for those who seek his face....Praying everyday for you and your can't stop watching that clip...woke up thinking about awesome!!! Rhonda Fernandez