Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year-Great Things will happen in 09

I pray that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Years! I had a great holidays and I feel that 2009 will bring even more miracles and great things for my recovery. I have a lot of great news as far as new therapies I am expecting to receive in 2009.

A few days ago I logged onto brain an spinal I went there to find out what clinical trials were available for me to be apart of for research. I wrote an email and sent it out to several doctors explaining my injuries and my current recovery. The following day I received a phone call from a gentleman who works for the organization that makes the website. He had some encouraging words for me and was astonished at my recovery. He told me just how RARE it was to go from an ASIA-A to an ASIA-C. He asked me what I did, or what I would contribute to my success. I told him that my faith in God and the prayers that went to God on my behalf is the only way my progress can be explained. The gentleman told me that through my email he could tell I was a man of faith. He went onto say that he too was a man of faith and a follower. He wanted me to tell my story to others, because so many times people do not look to God for help. The organization can not but spiritual things on the website, only educational information. He encouraged me to spread the word of God through my story and I agreed that would be my mission for the rest of my life! Its AMAZING how God works behind the scenes!

I have signed up for several studies and therapies in 2009. I will need the prayers of everyone for this reason. Pray that I will be admitted into these programs and get the therapies I need. I have signed up for a clinical trial in Gainsville, Florida. The trial would consist of using the Locomat which I used at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. It involves using treadmills and weight baring to further enhance my strength and endurance when I walk. I am expecting a phone call on Monday to look into the clinical trial in Gainsville. Pray that I can be excepted into this program. I read the requirements and it would appear that I meet all of them for the clinical trial.

I have also looked into the Miami Project for research and clinical trials. My family has decided to drive to Miami to check out this facility and see what clinical trials and research I can be apart of in the coming months. The Miami Project is making great advancements in research and are on the cutting edge in finding a cure. The Miami Project is one of the best centers in the country. We have a tentative date to meet with the people there and take a tour of the facilities. I will also attend a presentation on the new advancements the research has shown at the Miami Project. Please pray that my visit will be productive and that I could be apart of clinical trials and research that could help in my recovery.

In about six months I have been accepted back into the Shepherd Center to be apart of the BEYOND THERAPY program. This is a research therapy which Shepherd has seen to be VERY effective in the recovery of muscles. This is a very intense physical therapy regiment. Using new technologies and exercise, I will be working very hard each and everyday. I visited the Beyond Therapy program when I was at Shepherds in October and everyone in there was sweating from head to toe! I asked alot of the patients what they thought of the program and they told me that they had seen amazing results. I pray that I will see the same when I become a part of the program in a few months.

I have already made great advancements and my recovery has amazed everyone who has seen my progress. God is working miracles in my life. There is no doubt that my progress has been solely the work of God. He has given me so much to be thankful for in 2008 and I know that in 2009 he will bless me even more!! I humbly ask for more prayers on the upcoming clinical trials and research. Please pray that I can be apart of these studies and that I can get the care I need. Thank you all for your prayers!! I AM WORKING HARD, TO WALK AGAIN ONE DAY!! With God's help and the prayers of so many of you, I know I will walk again.



Anonymous said...

I'm blending my faith with yours and everyone else! Let's continue to praise God for everything He does!
I will not only be praying God will bless your socks off for this, but through research it can further science and (most importantly) the kingdom of God!

Melanie!!woo hoo!

Judy May said...

What a great new year it sounds like for you! I know God will see to it that you get accepted to the programs that will advance your healing. It's obvious He has great things in store for you. You remain in my prayers.

Kathy said...

We continue to pray for you and your recovery, Brent. Can't wait to hear about the programs you will be in soon. God bless you and continue to heal you.

Robin and Kathy

Nikki said...


just stumbled across your blog. Good luck for your recovery in 2009. My prayers are with you. :o)


Dave Reed said...

Brent, it sounds like you could have a full plate for 2009! I will certainly pray for your acceptance into these advanced programs and for you to have a full recovery. God is good in how he has worked through so many lives suffering from spinal chord injuries and contributions by so many to help find cures, or at least facilitate the maximum recovery for so many. I pray His prior works and his future works will be to your benefit this year. Keep working hard, and keeping the faith and good things will come your way. God Bless. Dave

Kimberly said...

Brent I know you will blow the top off any curve in any clinical trial you get accepted into, God is doing amazing things through you! You are a true testament to the power of faith, prayer, and hard work!!! We will continue to pray for you and for your acceptance into these trials and for your continued recovery. Say hi to the fam for me :)

Much love, Kimberly

Karen said...

Brent-my name is Karen & I heard about you from your brother Bryan. Bryan introduced himself to my husband (Aaron) & I while we were getting out of our truck in a parking lot. We were visiting FL to interview for a service dog. What drew Bryan's attention to us was the wheelchair lift in the back of our truck. He wanted to know if we were happy with it and the conversation took off from there!

It's amazing how God puts us in places for a reason. Aaron & I had been driving around for close to 20minutes looking for somewhere to eat on the beach that was wheelchair accessible. So many places that we had driven past looked inaccessible and then we saw Frenchy's. It was a worth a try & at that point we were feeling a little discouraged.

Then, while getting out of our truck here comes your brother & he just lifted our spirits! We started chatting and before I knew it I was writing down your blog.

My husband was injured on 2/7/07 when a surgery went wrong. He needed to have spine surgery to prevent paralysis, (he was walking fine prior to surgery) but something went wrong and he came out of surgery paralyzed. Our world has been turned upside down since then and as you know, every moment of everyday is affected.

Like you, we have been blessed with family, friends & neighbors that have helped us in so many ways. After 2 years, we are starting to get back to "normal" and adjusting to all the changes in our lives. There are so many resources out there, but the challenge is in finding them.

Your blog is inspiring and I admire your determination. I will keep you in my prayers along with my husband. People like you and Aaron make the rest of us realize how fragile life is, but that through determination and faith, anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

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