Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well on January 17th. I turned the big 27! I KNOW IM OLD!! My birthday was a lot better than last years. I spent last years birthday in a hospital room after being transferred from my acute care in the ICU at UAMS hospital. This year, I was able to take my therapists out to dinner to celebrate with me at my favorite restaurant (BONEFISH) I also enjoyed a couple of Cake and ice cream gatherings! I know they say you can't tell what you wish for when you blow the candles out....but...ill let you guys in on my wish! I wish that this year will bring even more blessings and miracles in my legs! I know that wishing on a cake is nothing but superstitious, but with PRAYER and PETITION, I know my dream will become a reality.

I am coming to you with GREAT news! As of last week the CHRISTOPHER AND DANA REEVES ACT passed through congress! This ACT will allow funding to open up on Paralysis research! After talking to several friends who are connected into the latest advancements in therapies and research we are confident that 2009 will see a lot of BREAK THROUGH's in spinal cord research! I was told that if i were to ever have this injury this was the best time due to all the advancements that are being made in the medical field on paralysis. I am confident that we will see a cure within my lifetime. Doctors have already regenerated nerve cells within a spinal cord and have regained more function within people. IT CAN HAPPEN!! Unfortunately funding for research has not allowed scientist to further their studies as much as they would like.

(copy and paste this link to watch some exciting advancements that are being made by Dr Steven Davies in Denver!)

The following video was made several months ago! With the Christopher and Dana Reeves Act passing congress the scientist will get the funding they need to progress in the studies!

I am so blessed to have the support of so many friends and family! God is so amazing he leaves me speechless at times....(I KNOW THATS A BIG TASK!) I look at how he has blessed my life and I am so grateful to call myself a christian! We all have a story to tell....BOY, WILL I HAVE A STORY TO TELL! Not many people have gotten to experience something as traumatic as what I have been through and LIVED. I firmly believe that my life was spared for a reason.

A few nights ago I talked to one of my best friends Jay Weaver who was my roommate and at the track the day of my accident. He told me he remember following me to Conway Regional Hospital where the doctors rushed to stabilize me. It was too foggy that day to land a helicopter at the track and he told me the paramedics didnt think I would make the 40 min trip to UAMS where they had a trauma unit. They took me to a local regional hospital where they worked to stabilize my body. I was told that the doctor came out and told both he and my sister, it was critical and i may not make it! I was told that before, but never did I realize that it had come from a doctor. Its amazing when I look back and think of just how close I came to dying. Its a miracle I am here today, but I was spared for a reason....I KNOW that I must spend my days thanking God EVERYDAY for his blessings! I pray that I will live up to the man he knew I would become!

The next year will be the BEST EVER!!! I will work HARD and I am DETERMINED to walk again!....BUT in order for this to happen! I MUST HAVE THE PRAYERS OF EVERYONE! God will hear our cries just like he did when everyone asked him to save my life!


Dave Reed said...

Brent, I noticed you were up very early doing Blog updates this morning, or you were up very late? I am happy that science is moving forward for the sake of all that are traveling down your road. The greatest scientist is already at work on your body, and as you stated, he has already performed one miracle. Brent, I challenged God to give me an answer to something and he performed. I first challenged myself to quit ending my prayers with a weak sign of faith. Typically, after asking God for something I end my prayers with a simple "let thy will be done". Although it will always be done according to God's will, it also communicates my weak faith as if to say to God what I just asked for, it is OK if you do not do it. I realized that I was not showing God that I was confident he could and would give me what I asked for. I said all of that to challenge you to also ask God for healing and to put confidence in Him that he will do it. I think he likes it when we are confident in Him and expressing complete faith. I am praying with confidence knowing that God can and He will bring healing to your body. Now, do your part, help God, and get more rest and work harder!!! He will do the rest. Hey, we picked the Super Bowl, what else might we predict this year? Have a great God filled day. Dave

Amanda said...

That seriously was one of the scariest days of my life. Reading what you and Jay talked about made my stomach turn over again. Now looking back it's so clear God had a plan for you! I'm looking forward to see what happens with the Christopher and Dana Reeves Act. There's no telling what they may be able to accomplish! Love and miss you!!