Friday, January 30, 2009


Today I received some very disappointing news. I DID NOT GET ACCEPTED INTO THE ACTION CLINICAL TRIAL AT SHEPHERDS! The lady who called me today to recruit me for the trial said that she knew I was looking forward to being apart of the study. She asked if I could answer a few questions for her and if I checked out, she would have me come to Shepherds to be evaluated. I was excited and told her how much I had been waiting for this phone call. The first 5 questions I checked out perfectly! Then she asked me if I was a LOWER or HIGHER MOTOR NEURON INJURY! I said LOWER, and then came the news! My heart sunk when she said that to be apart of the study you had to be a HIGHER MOTOR NEURON INJURY!

LET ME EXPLAIN: (sorry if I loose you)
The spinal cord ends at the bottom of the Thoracic Spinal Levels (the T level). At the end of the spinal cord there is what is called the ancona aquida nerves which comes out at the bottom of the cord like a "horses tail" The nerves spread throughout the legs and hips and all the way through your legs.
In order for your legs to respond to electrical stimulus the signal must travel up the ancona aquida nerves and into the spinal cord. The signal then travels UP the spinal cord to the injury level which then causes a REFLEX ARCH. The arch travels back down to the legs and CONTRACTS THE MUSCLE! In order for a reflex arch to occur the signal MUST travel up the spinal cord. My injury happened RIGHT AT THAT POINT where the ancona aquida meet up with the spinal cord. Thus the signal never can reach the actual spinal cord to cause a reflex arch...THUS...MY LEGS DONT RESPOND TO ELECTRICAL STIMULUS! SORRY IF I LOST YOU!

The research was going to work heavily on electrical stimulus to contract my muscles, since my body doesn't respond to the electrical pulses because of WHERE my cord was damaged it excluded me from the research!
I told the Doctor the movement I had gotten back already and all the gains that I have made. She told me that it was WONDERFUL! If I got so much back in my legs I could expect to even get MORE in time!! Just because I am a LOWER motor neuron injury does NOT have any effect WHATS SO EVER on the amount of return i can expect. All it means was that my spinal cord was injured at the ONE POINT that would exclude me from the trials! MY HOPES WERE DASHED!!! I tried everything to persuade her to let me in the trial. She told me she would go to bat for me and try everything to get me in but based upon one of the major criteria I could not be excepted. She said that she would make sure my name got put high on the list of any other trials they have coming up in which I would make a candidate for in the future.
I guess God was just telling me this was not the clinical trial for me! I will keep working hard EVERYDAY and I will never give up. If anyone of you hear of new trials and studies I could be apart of please let me know! HAHA! Ill do just about anything! Thank you SO MUCH for your continued prayers and support! This is just a minor set back! I will overcome this and I will walk again "IN TIME!" I just have to be patient and work as hard as I can in the mean time. When a trial comes my way that would better help me I am sure I will be accepted! PLEASE PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR ME!!


Anonymous said...

Hey bud!

So sorry to hear the bad news. SJ and I were praying for you and I know that God still has some amazing things in store for you. Keep up the hard work and don't forget that when God closes one door, he opens a window. God bless!


Anonymous said...

I've been following your story from day 1. What an incredible journey. I've always believed God answers prayers - the answer might be yes, it might be no and it might be not yet. I think this trial falls in the 'not yet' category and something better will come your way. I know it's hard to keep your spirits up on days like this, so for today and tomorrow and as many days as it takes, lean on the prayers of others until you rebound.

Anonymous said...

We want you to know that we are still following your journey from here in Fort Worth. We also feel your disappointment over the internet lines, but as many of us will biggie, because this trial is just that....a trial, so don't get in a tizzy over it. There will be bigger and better things to arrive on your doorstep young man! Just continue to keep the faith in Him as we know you are doing, and also know that you are in our daily prayers. We all know you can do it.
The Alonsos

Stew said...

Sorry to hear that Brent, but with all the wonders that have already happened in your life this news is just a minor blip on the way to more great things. But you know this without me saying it (or as Reading Rainbow's LeVar Burton would put it "don't take my word for it"). As always, you're in my prayers.


Dave Reed said...

Sorry for the late response, but keep in mind you have to open all of the doors to find success...not just a few...keep pressing...God is listening and planning for you.