Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays Everyone!! I have alot to be thankful for!

Well, its the Holidays and I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I wasnt able to have a Christmas last year since i was in the hospital, still in ICU. Even though I have no recollection of Christmas last year, I was very fortunate to have so many of my friends and family come to the hospital to spend time with me and my family. It makes me feel good to know that so many people cared enough for me to give up there plans to come and spend time with me, even if I wasn't talking the fact that they were with me means so much. During the Holidays, we spend time with our families and reflect on what we are thankful for in the past year. I can say without hesitation that I am thankful for SO VERY MUCH!!
1) Im thankful to God, for giving me a second chance at life and sparing me!
2) I am thankful to my family! Without them it would be impossible for me to have gotten through this accident. They have been by my side throughout the entire journey. My mom flew up the night of my accident and never left my side for MONTHS, my dad, brother and sister sacrificed so much to be with me and help make my recovery easy.
3) I am thankful for everyone at my church both in Little Rock at Pleasant Valley and my church at home at West Orange. They have supported me through so much. The love that was shown me in little rock by my church family was literally indescribable. Never before had the doctors and nurses seen that type of out pouring of love for one patient. There kindness and loved spread to everyone working at the hospital and left a lasting impression. I hope to return to everyone at PV soon, and use this accident to further glorify God!
4) I am thankful to everyone at Farner Barley for helping me set up my home for me to live in. Farner Barley had my entire living area blown out and made it wheelchair accessible. They also have given my dad and family the ability to use there airplane to fly back and forth to Little Rock so that my dad could spend time with me. THANK YOU BOB AND STEVE!!
5) I am thankful for my friends Karen and Jim who come to my house to help me with my rehab. They come a couple times a week to help with Physical Therapy. It is because of them I have gained so much in my legs. Well.....God has given me the ability, and Karen and Jim have utilized my potential and have gotten the maximum return out of my legs. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
6) I am thankful for everyone who reads this blog....YES, that means YOU (whoever you are) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is because of you and your support and prayers that has made my progress which is a MIRACLE possible. This blog is my ministry, and everyone who reads this is directly effecting my progress with your prayers! THANK YOU!!!! PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR ME!!
I could probably go on and on with this post! If I thanked everyone individually it would take PAGES upon PAGES to write about it all. I AM SOOO BLESSED!!! I encourage everyone out there, if you want to EXPERIENCE this type of LOVE....I would say to everyone to be apart of God's family. Being apart of his family is like nothing you could ever experience. Without Christian brothers and sisters in my extended church family, I would not be where I am today!!

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Dave Reed said...

Brent, being thankful is a very wonderful part of life. Many people never humble themselves long enough to see all the things they have to be thankful for. Your Blog comments reflect your humbled spirit and thankful heart. These are the two most important qualities for a person to have in order to communicate with and to please God. You keep up your hard work and God will hear your request, and the requests of many that pray for you each day, and he will lift you up. May God bless you with every request in your humbled and thankful heart? Keep up the good work.

Your prayerful brother,