Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back from Little Rock, Things are falling into place!

Last weekend I flew to Little Rock to put things in order for my move back to Arkansas. I found an apartment, did some furniture shopping, and met everyone at my new job! It was a whirlwind of a trip but I was able to get everything accomplished. I made my deposit on what we believe to be the perfect apartment. It was very difficult to find an apartment close to work that was accessible but I finally found one. (See Pics below)!

Last Friday I was able to meet with everyone at ABC Financial. I was blown away at the reception I got when I arrived at ABC. Many of them remembered me from before my accident when I did several presentations for them with my previous job. I got there at 9 a.m. Friday morning and met with two ladies in the H.R. department. They took me on a tour of the company and I was able to meet most of the employees. I was very touched by the fact that they were willing to make any arrangements necessary to make the office more accessible. The ladies followed me with a notepad and pen and asked me if I needed the doors wider? If I needed a bigger desk? If the bathrooms were accessible for me? Afterward we went outside and they asked me to pick a parking spot that would be the easiest for me, and gave it to me! I was very grateful and humbled by there willingness to help me out and make the office accessible.

At the end of my tour I met my new boss, Bob! We spent about an hour in his office talking about my roll in the department. We talked about business and the direction of internal sales at ABC. After speaking with Bob for some time he mentioned to me that he was very sympathetic to my needs. I was curious, so I asked him, "why is that?" He then told me that his daughter was in a wheelchair and had been her entire life! I WAS BLOWN AWAY when he told me that! I knew right then and there that God was completely behind this new move and chapter in my life.

My move is set for for Thursday, April 29th, when we will load up the U-haul and start making our way to Little Rock. I still have A LOT of things to get figured out before my move. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and that my transition to Little Rock will be easy and problem-free!

Before I leave there is another post I want to make, certain people who I want THANK! My stay here in Florida has been amazing and so many people have gone OUT OF THEIR WAY to help me and be there for me! It is to much to type now, but please check back in a few weeks for the THANK YOU post!


Judy May said...

Brent, I look forward to seeing you again when you get moved to Little Rock. I know everyone at PV will be glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

I am happy for you Brent! Thanks again for the blessing of your post.

Lewis said...

Sounds exciting, wishing you all the best.

Mary B said...

Brent, God is already using you in your new venture. He continues to direct you and place you right where He wants you to go to work. I believe you will be a great blessing to all those around. Love you from Texas.