Sunday, March 28, 2010


I apologize for the delay in posting, but I had good reason this time. I HAVE SOME BIG NEWS so you might want to sit down for this!!! The news was so big that I felt like I deserved to tell some people IN PERSON. I didn't feel it was right for them to read about the news on my blog. The past few weeks I have been spreading the word to those closest to me, but......


God has blessed me ever since the accident and this move is no exception. He is always opening doors for me and continues to guide my life. The story of how this all came about is pretty remarkable. So bare with me as I explain everything.

A few months before my accident, I had a business conference in Minnesota. I flew up there for a continuing education summit on a software I was selling for my company. After the conference I flew back to Little Rock but along the way I got laid over in Chicago. Once I boarded the plane from Chicago to Little Rock this gentlemen sits down beside me. As most of you who know me, know my personality, I will talk to just about anyone. I struck up a conversation with the gentleman sitting in the seat next to me on the plane. He asked me what I did for a living being as I just came back from a business conference. I explained to him the software that I sold to banks and other businesses who want to send electronic deposits to a bank via digital imaging. The gentleman was very interested in my product and introduced himself as Paul, the President of ABC Financial in North Little Rock. ABC Financial is the nations biggest gym and health club billing company. They do marketing, billing and other services for gyms. Once we landed in Little Rock we exchanged business cards and he asked for me to do a demonstration of my software to his company. For the next several weeks I stayed in contact with ABC Financial doing multiple demonstrations and meetings. Shortly thereafter, I HAD MY ACCIDENT. The people at ABC were so nice to send a care basket of fruit to the hospital and have continued reading this blog and following my progress ever since.

One of my best friends in the world Eric Buckner, owns several gyms in Little Rock and also uses ABC Financial for his billing services. Eric and Paul are friends/business partners and one day I came up in a conversation. After asking about my progress, Eric told him I was trying to get a job and get back to my life. Paul said he would be interested in hiring me for a position in sales with his company. After several interviews with people inside the company, I GOT THE JOB! I will be working at ABC Financial in Little Rock starting May 17th!!

The past few weeks have been a WHIRLWIND! I have had so much on my plate working on my move back to Little Rock. I have been apartment hunting and trying to get everything organized for my move! We are leaving this Thursday to fly up to Little Rock to finalize all of my living arrangements and I will be making the move PERMANENTLY on May 1st. I am very excited to be back with my friends in Little Rock and back at Pleasant Valley the church that really took me in during my time there. Pleasant Valley ESPECIALLY took care of me after my accident, the LOVE that was shown to me by my friends and church family made me realize that it was the place I wanted to put down my roots! This next month is going to be really hectic for me, but I ask for the prayers of EVERYONE to please continue praying for my recovery and my move! Its a BIG LEAP for me but I know I am ready! I feel like this was God's plan from the beginning, even before my accident. ITS AMAZING how God puts people in our lives, even sometimes on airplanes coming back from Chicago! I will write on my blog a lot more often as new and exciting things are happening in my life. I WILL NOT GO A MONTH without posting again. But I could not post a blog until those who are the closest to me heard my news IN PERSON, I felt I owed it to them!

NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN MIRACLES!! Please keep praying for my complete healing!


Judy May said...

Praise God for this good news! How can anyone who reads your blog not believe in the power of the Almighty?!?!?

Sarah-Jane said...

That is AWESOME Brent!!! Joe and I are so excited that you will be closer to us! :)

Courtney said...

I know that I've already said this, but I wanted to post it here for the world to see. Congrats! I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Your strength and faith amaze me. God is so good.
Love you

Lewis said...

Awesome news, Brent. Hope you love your new job.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! I am so excited for you...God has really blessed your journey! Can't wait to see how HE will continue to work in your life. Congrats! Jana Edens

bflygirl said...

Brent I've been sending your last video around so folks who know of you by reputation can see, God works miracles! So glad you are moving back!!!!!

With prayers of praise,


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