Thursday, April 29, 2010


It has been a LONG two years of recovery and therapy here in Florida, but in just a few hours I will be leaving for Little Rock. My parents left with the Uhaul around noon today (Thursday 29th) in order to get a head start. I am waiting for my brother to get off work and then we are going to start heading that way! My apartment in my parents house is completely empty, which is kind of sad! It was a wonderful place to live in the two years I spent there. However, it is time for me to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life!

As most of you know, I have accepted a position with ABC Financial in North Little Rock and will begin work on May 17th. I paid a deposit on an apartment and have everything in order to move in once I arrive there Friday afternoon. God has blessed me so much in opening these doors for me. Im excited about this next chapter and see where God leads me.

This past Sunday I was given the opportunity to speak to my church at West Orange here in Florida. They asked me to give my testimony before leaving for Little Rock and I was more than happy to do it. I was however, BLOWN AWAY at the reception I received from everyone at my church! I am so lucky to have been apart of such an amazing congregation. The lesson caused a lot of tears, but I know God was glorified and that is ALL THAT MATTERS! If you were not able to hear the talk the audio is on the west orange website. There are two parts, you can take a listen if you would like!



I will post more once I get settled into my new place! I will also post about my recovery as well so stay tuned. If you would like my NEW address it is

2401 Lakeview Rd
Apt 1001
North Little Rock, Ar 72116

I will miss you all!! Write me ANYTIME!!


Mary B said...

I wish you the best. You will do well I am sure.!!!!

~C~ said...

Now THAT was a tear jerker!!
Glad you are back! It's been way too long...