Saturday, May 8, 2010

My First Week In Little Rock!

Well, I've successfully finished my FIRST week in Little Rock. Things couldn't be better! We arrived right at 5 pm last Friday and unloaded everything in the U-Haul just minutes before it started raining HARD!! What a way to be welcomed back to the Natural State with tornado's and severe weather. On Saturday, my entire family went shopping for furniture and washer/driers. Since we still had the U-haul we figured we would make good use of it to tow all my furniture back to my apt instead of the delivery fee. My apartment is really coming together, It is definitely a MAN pad but very nice inside, with my new couches and my entertainment center it is amazing! (don't worry David, I got ALL of the sports channels AND in HD!)

Last Sunday was a bit of a catastrophe! My dad,brother and sister in law were to fly back to Orlando from Little Rock leaving at 5:20pm on Delta. Their flight took them to Memphis and then changed flights at 7:20 to Orlando. A few minutes before we were to leave for the LR airport my dad checked the status and the flight had been DELAYED due to mechanical problems, which meant they were NOT going to be able to make there connecting flight in Memphis. THEN, the flight ended up being CANCELED out of LR all together. So they changed the connection to LR-Detroit-Orlando with like a 16 hour layover in Detroit, getting them into Orlando at 2:30 pm on Monday. After haggling them for an HOUR i told them...."LISTEN...Memphis is two hours away from LR. If we leave right this second and drive 100mph down the interstate we can make the connecting flight out of Memphis", so WE DID THAT!! I sped all the way to Memphis and they jumped out and ran to their terminal.....TO FIND OUT IT HAD BEEN CANCELED TOO DUE TO MECHANICAL PROBLEMS! haha WHAT A NIGHTMARE!

Other than getting my apartment set up I've been doing lots of therapy every night and even went to the gym at my church and did some walking! SEE VIDEO BELOW!! I am so excited to be starting this new chapter in my life! GOD HAS BEEN SOOO GOOD TO ME and has opened all of these doors for me. Sometimes I think God had this in his plan since BEFORE my accident. I don't consider it a coincidence that I met Paul the president of ABC Financial on an airplane in Chicago a month before my accident. God has had this in his plan from the beginning! PLEASE keep praying this transition goes well and NEVER stop praying for my recovery! I KNOW it will happen! I HAVE FAITH IT WILL.....ALWAYS HAVE! GOD BLESS!
Always in him,


Dave Reed said...

Brent, you are the only person I know that can make me laugh, cry, and feel inspired all at the same time! I am glad to hear that they have HD in Tornado Alley! As for our Bucs, since we are ranked 30th out of 32 teams I will humbly say that this probably will not be the year of the Bucs!!!! I hope you are able to make the transition of having a JOB once again and still keep your sense of humor! JOBS can be a real drain sometimes. I look forward to the video posting that says watch this and you lay down the walker!!!! Let me say that I am happy for you but I will miss looking across the auditorium and seeing your smiling face and getting your nod. You know that our prayers are always are endless for you and we wish the best for you...I will have to follow the Blog more closely since I will not be getting that chance to talk with you each week. Take care and work hard!!! Dave

Judy May said...

I guess you could say your favorite word would have to be NEVER - never give up, never quit praying, never give the glory to anyone but God! I NEVER cease to be amazed by your accomplishments, ever-growing faith and unending optimism. You are truly one amazing young man!