Friday, October 24, 2008

Im Going Home!!

After five weeks of intense rehab at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta I am going home today. I will be discharged Friday afternoon but will still have a full day of therapy. After therapy I will then drive home with my family. Both my dad and brother drove up Thursday night to help with the drive home to Florida.
What an amazing month I had at Shepherds. I know that the Lord was guiding me throughout my stay here. Some amazing miracles have happened since my arrival at Shepherds. I have been classified as ASIA-C (which is a miracle) and have also been seeing more strength and A LOT more sensation coming back into my legs. God is USING me to show others his power! I hope and pray that my rehab will bring honor and glory to God. I want other to know his wonderful power if we just believe in him and have FAITH!
I also would like everyone to know just how much your support has meant to me throughout my stay here. I have been flooded with mail EVERYDAY at the post office. I am such a lucky person to have so many friends who love and care for me. I look forward to opening and reading all the mail and I realize just how wonderful it is to have such wonderful Christian friends. I look around in the Shepherd Center and see people who are struggling each and everyday coping with there injuries. I cant IMAGINE how anyone can go through this without the Love and Support of a close Christian family!
The North Atlanta Church of Christ here in Atlanta has taken me under its wing since ive been to Shepherds. David Hogan and his wife have been so gracious by meeting us everyday at the door and sitting with us in church. My friend Joe and Sarah Jane Bedwell drove down from Nashville, Tn to have lunch with me and tour the center and then drive home. My good friend and former roommate Jay Weaver and his new wife Amanda came down with Jay's parents on a Sunday afternoon from South Carolina just to have dinner with me and drove home. Both Jay and Amanda were amazing during my accident, they were there for me as well as my family and I love them dearly for it. Both of them were wonderful in starting this blog to keep everyone updated on my progress. Last but not least Hans Oliver the Pleasant Valley singles minister and Eric Buckner my dear friends left on Tuesday afternoon driving 8 hours to Atlanta from Little Rock. They spent an entire day going through my therapy sessions with me and went home afterwards!
Guys you want to know what it means to have a Christian family? I just listed 4 examples. Not to mention the COUNTLESS others of you who sent me cards, letters, emails! This is why I love being a Christian! I do not have to face the darkest hours of my life alone! I look around at others who need the same kind of support that has been given me. What a great ministry it is to show a stranger just how much God loves them.
It is because of all of you I have been given the strength to persevere. Each and everyone of your cards, letters, emails and phone calls gives me the encouragement to give everything I have in rehab. I know that the Lord is glorified by his Christian brothers and sisters rallying around me! I still need the prayers if I am going to BEAT THIS THING!! The doctors did all they could do for me after my surgeries. I have not had ONE drop of medicine or cure go into my body to heal me from this injury! However.....I AM GETTING BETTER! Praise God! The only way my body will be healed is by going to God and asking him to touch my body and make me whole! I hope that he can use me to further his kingdom by taking this injury and bringing glory to him!

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Anonymous said...

You are so right about the power and love of our God and the love of our brothers and sisters. There is no way to face life's challenges without those two things. But, faith is also important so that we can see that power and love, praise it and heal from it - that was your part. Peter saw the power of the storm and trusted that as greater than the one who created the wind and water of the storm. I am glad you see the creator and not the storm. Love you, Loretta P.