Monday, October 13, 2008

Another successful week!

Well its Monday night and I just started my fourth week here at Shepherds. My stay here has been very productive. I have learned new things to help me throughout my daily life as well as strengthening my legs through intense therapy.
I would have to say that the blessings I have seen from this accident I will remember forever. I am still touched by the number of people this blog has reached out to over the past few months. My parents started this blog while I was in I.C.U. in order to answer everyones questions and keep them informed of my progress. My dad and sister started the writings and I took over once I was able to type. Hearing the stories from so many people each and everyday has touched me more than you will ever know. This blog has been my ministry and I believe it was apart of God's plan to show others what can happen through faith and prayer. I would have never thought that a simple blog could wrap around he world and be followed by so many people. I get messages from people I have not seen in many years who tell me they follow my blog daily. THANK YOU! I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for your continued support throughout this struggle I have been facing.
Each and everyday I am working on getting better but I know that ULTIMATELY it has to come from God. Nothing I can do can rebuild my spinal cord but I know that ANYTHING is possible if you believe. I have already seen so many blessings and progress that everyone thought was impossible. I should not be able to do what my body is doing! BUT I AM! The sky is the limit my therapists say. With an incomplete injury "no one knows" how your body will heal itself in time. Having this injury is sometimes frustrating in that I have found out there are really NO EXPERTS in this field. Sure, they know the statistics and HOW the spinal cord works. Doctors can tell you everything about the spinal cord but have NO CLUE of how it ultimately functions and heals. Why some people get better while other do not?
I learned A LONG time ago that I would not find my answers from doctors or medical jargon. I knew I had to go to the top. I learned that in business as well; you go to the decision maker. I knew right away I had to talk to the creator in order to get anything done! He knows the spinal cord better than ANYONE! He is an EXPERT in the field and also CREATED THEM! Who better to ask than the one who made me?
We started this blog and asked everyone to go on my behalf and slowly my body started to change. I know it was due to prayers its the only reason! I still have a long ways to go however. I still need more return in my legs in order to walk functionally in my everyday life. I also need prayers for my shoulder which has been causing me increased pain these past several weeks. I have no doubt that miracles can happen today, but we MUST keep asking and be persistent in our prayers! With God on my side I know I can overcome this terrible injury!
Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!


Dave Reed said...

Brent, I once heard an old proverb: "grain by grain a loaf, stone by stone a palace". Converted to country talk it simply means stay steady on the course, then end product is worth it. We are all praying and cheering for you as you lay each stone in your path to recovery. My prayer is that God will start handing you the stones so the process will go a little faster. Keep the faith, work harder, and watch what God will do!!! Go Bucs!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent, I have always heard that life is a journey, not a destination. Those of us who learn to live in the moment and see The Lord's hand in everything (including hard things) are the truly blessed ones of the world. We learn to trust and lean on our Lord which is what He has wanted from Gen. 1:1. I am glad to see that you are grateful for every gain of the moment, for every skill and improvement. But, most of all I am glad to see that you trust our God and are accepting in any outcome as being His will. You are right - this blog is giving honor and glory to The Lord and that is the purpose of every life. By the way, have you considered running for President of the USA? You are surely popular enough to win!!! love you, Loretta P.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brent,
Marva just talked to your Dad. She is sooo excited. She just told me your great news. I cant wait to see you walk in the door. Thanks for the blog. It makes our day to read of your improvements and the continued blessings from God. You are an inspiration to us all. Love Bob