Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have had a GREAT past couple of days in therapy! On Friday I had two therapy sessions. 8 AM at Baptist Rehab followed by an 11:30 apt at UCA where I was able to work with my wonderful PT, Twala and her class. They had me walking on a treadmill on Friday and to make it more difficult they put 10 lbs weights on each leg. It was difficult but I was able to do it (video below).

This session was especially emotional because some of the PT students in their 3rd and final year of Physical Therapy school did an internship at Baptist during my acute care. They saw me during the roughest time, when I was a physical and emotional WRECK. They remember seeing how timid and afraid I was entering therapy with my shoulder immobilized, swollen and scared out of my mind. I was unable to do ANYTHING on my own during my first stint at Baptist Rehab. I remember it well when my friend Jessica had to help me transfer from my wheelchair onto the workout mat. She had to do EVERYTHING because I was unable to move my left arm. Jessica was in the class on Friday. She started crying when i stood up out of my chair, and walked to the treadmill to start therapy :( It was a bit emotional for me to, just seeing how far I have come and remembering her working with me during those rough times.

I am so encouraged by my therapy these past few weeks. I feel like I have gained so much in this short period of time with the intense therapy I have been getting. I wake up early every morning (5 am) and do all of my "at-home" workouts before the sun comes up. Riding my bike for 40 minutes, followed by 45 min of standing and then E-stim on my legs. After that, I usually have therapy at Baptist Rehab at 9 a.m. I am working hard towards using my braces functionally and getting out of my chair. It takes a lot of practice but one that I am COMMITTED to achieving! The new braces takes A LOT of practice, to help me walk functionally but I know I will get there!

On Wednesday I had a doctors appointment with my physician Dr. Kiser. He has been my spinal cord and rehab doctor since my accident. He said that he wanted to possibly put me on a certain type of medication called 4AP which was created for M.S. patients but they have seen a lot of positive things come from Spinal Cord Injury patients taking the drug. The drug does not work on everybody, only some depending on the injury. He wanted to try me on it to see if it could help me in my recovery process. The only downside are the possible side effects the drug could cause? However, I want to try it and see if it would help me. Every spinal cord injury is different and no one, not even doctors can tell you EXACTLY how each individual cord was damaged. Damage happens on a microscopic level and to tell exactly the severity of each injury and what was damaged can only be determined from physical tests. i.e. If you can move or do certain things, than this part of your cord is functioning and/or not functioning and was damaged. Each nerve axon has a protective sheath called mylon "IF" the damage to the cord is due to a demylonation of the nerve axon this drug will help bridge that gap to make the connection. However, it will only work "IF" that is the case. But, there is no way of telling exactly if it is the case? haha. I am trying to do all the research I can on this drug and see if it will be something I should consider taking. The drug has a side effect of possible seizures. This would NOT BE GOOD, so I want to make sure it is something I want to try. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS!! Pray that my recovery continues to go well and as always NEVER STOP PRAYING FOR TOTAL AND COMPLETE HEALING! I know it is possible and I believe it with all my heart it will happen :)



Judy May said...

Brent, it's been a few weeks since I've checked your blog. You've been a busy man! So glad to hear you continue to make progress. You remain in my prayers.

Dave Reed said...

Brent, did you say you got up and walked to the treadmill? With God's hand at work and yu doing your part, you might not need that drug. I think yo have a great combination at work now...God, prayer and hard work. Keep it up and I might bring your buddy to Little Rock sometime to meet with you...that is Mike Alstott. Keep up the workouts and the positive mind; with faith the grain of a mustard seed you can move mountains (or nerves)!!!!!

Brittany said...

Awesome progress Brent! You are such an inspiration!