Saturday, July 10, 2010

I have some WONDERFUL news!

Well, as always God has continued to bless me all along this long and hard road ive been on for the last few years. Things at work are going wonderful, I am becoming great friends with the people at abc Financial and I am really starting to come into things with my job. I have never had to learn so much stuff IN MY LIFE! It seems everyday I have a new software or process to learn in the company, BUT I LOVE IT! Ive never been one to shy away from a challenge.

I have continued to keep up with my therapy. I ride my bike for 45 min a night and stand for about 30 minutes. I also try to do mat exercises as well and on Saturdays I go to my church gym and walk with friend (i.e Matt Roberts and Joe Monan-thanks guys) The past couple of weeks it has been difficult for me to walk at the gym because I could never get into the building on a Saturday. Well, this past Sunday the facilities manager gave me 2 brand new shinny keys to the gym and to the weight room so I can work out ANYTIME! They must REALLY trust me :)

Another MIRACLE that has come my way is what happened to me today. The blessings just
keep on coming. I had an appointment with Arkansas Rehabilitation Services this morning at 9am. Arkansas Rehabilitation Services is the Arkansas chapter of the Voc Rehab program that I was apart of in Florida (which paid for my van mods and wheelchair) It is a government agency which helps people with disabilities get back to work and KEEP their jobs. They help pay for things that you may need and have been a HUGE help to me financially. When I arrived my counselor who was assigned to me was late to work that day. So the NICEST lady named Lynda decided to meet with me. She got out my file and we began going through the process of being apart of the services. She asked me, how i was injured and then paused and said...."WAIT A MINUTE....HAVE YOU SPOKEN AT PLEASANT VALLEY BEFORE?" i said yes, I have spoken their many times. She went on to say, that is where SHE GOES TO CHURCH and has seen me speak on several occasions. As it turns out, she goes to the early service and I go to late so she never sees me. (ITS A BIG CHURCH)! We talked for about 30 min about my speaking and my progress and she told me should would expedite my policy to try to get funding as soon as she could for anything i needed. To say that my counselor just "HAPPENED" to be late that day, and that Lynda (who goes to my church) just "HAPPENED" to take on the case herself is NO COINCIDENCE! God has been behind this from the beginning! She is going to go to the Seekers bible class next Sunday so she can see me :) its AMAZING how things work out!

On another note... I am being fitted for NEW CUSTOM braces on Friday. I have an appointment to one of the best orthopedics places in the country who will make custom braces for me to make walking functionally easier. I am excited about how things are working out!

I have posted a video of my walking this past Saturday at the church! Always keep the faith! God will work miracles in your life!
Please continue to pray for my continued progress and recovery, I WILL WALK AGAIN!
God Bless,


Lewis said...

Great to hear all the good news, keep it up

Anonymous said...

Thank God that he continues to place you in the right place at the right time with the right people. Love to hear of your progress.

Mary B said...

Lost my name on the last post. Hope it works this time. Mary B

Anonymous said...

Keep those "coincedences" stories coming Brent! David Josey

Judy May said...

Amazing, just amazing! God is soooo Good!

Judy said...

Brent, I have been following you from the beginning and to see what you/God have accomplished is truly amazing - and exciting! It was always a treat to run into you @ Millenia - too far away for that now! Keep up the great work - you are truly a walking witness.