Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well, its been almost a MONTH since my last post! I am sorry for the delay and I have been hearing from everyone that I have been slacking. I apologize again for the delays but I have had some wonderful news in the past couple of weeks. If you are living in central Florida, but more importantly in or around the Lake County area stay CLEAR OF ALL ROADS!! I AM DRIVING NOW! Vocational rehab has finally come through and I have a vehicle. I was able to get my license last Friday, and since then I have been tearing up the roads all over the greater Orlando area! I finally have my freedom and it feels GREAT!

On to other news, I have been continuing my rehab everyday here at home and with my PT. We are starting to finally see some quads starting to come in and are feeling them tighten when I work on my leg extensions. During therapy, I have been doing lots of standing at my walker with no braces with minimal assist on the knees. We have been working on finding the right standing position and weight shifting in order to pull my legs through to walk. Its a fine science, because if I lean to far forward me knees want to buckle. However, if I can stand back on my heels whoever is helping with my knees are able to greatly relieve pressure to almost none!

One of the most common things with people suffering from spinal cord injury is they give up! Most everyone will keep hope alive for the first few months, but as the months turn to years there tenacity to keep working and rehab starts to fade. They say, whats the point anyways? The doctors say I will never walk again, so it must be true?!? Most people don't want to put in the hard work for a false hope. They do now want to hang on to a dream they know will never come true. BUT NOT ME!! I am a very stubborn person, I have been my entire life! (JUST ASK MY PARENTS!) When I make my mind up, no one is going to tell me I CANT DO SOMETHING! I made my mind up, 2 years ago while laying in a bed in the ICU with doctors tell me that I will never walk again! I FIRMLY believed I would one day walk, but it was in God's timing. He is preparing me for something far greater and is using my struggles to bring glory to him AND FOR THAT I'M TRULY GRATEFUL! I will never take ANY of the credit for my recovery. All credit is to the one who is performing the miracles in my body each and everyday! I give all credit to GOD! He spared my life and has given me a second chance at life. Although this new life is different for the time being, I am in NO WAY at a disadvantage. I will overcome any hurdle or wall that is in my path by relying solely on God to pull me through.

I remember one doctor telling me it would take a miracle!! WELL.....A miracle they shall see!!

Please keep praying for my recovery! Pray that God will lead me down the right path!
Thank you ALL for the encouragement and support!

Here is a video I shot TODAY while working out at the Y!


Sheryl said...


I have been waiting on a new post, Bob and Marva told me you had gotten your van! I will definitely have to keep a closer eye on the roads now! No, seriously I hope to see you out and about.

We are still praying!


Courtney said...

Brent, you are such an amazing person. You inspire me to keep going every day! I'm so proud of you, and your faith is amazing. You are so loved and prayed for!

Mary B said...

Brent, Maybe if you think of Don walking with you even he is not here in body it will encourage you. He is urging you to keep the faith and keep doing what you are doing and by the grace of God you WILL walk again!! I will continue to pray for that great when you can walk without the walker or anything else but your legs.

I have my car so it's a good thing I'm in Texas. Florida doesn't need two wild drivers on the road down there.

Love you.

Judy May said...

I'll be sure to be on the lookout for you if I make it to your state any time soon. :) This is such great news for you and I know you are enjoying your new freedom. You remain in my prayers.

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