Monday, November 3, 2008

Please keep me before God!!

It is time for yet another post of my recovery and progress. It has been a week since I returned from my trip in Atlanta. My therapy there was wonderful and I have seen many positive results from my time at Shepherd. Now comes the next phase of my therapy which I will be doing at home until my next session at Shepherd. I have signed up for Beyond Therapy which is a very intense research project at the center. I will be using new equipment and strenuous physical therapy. The results from Beyond Therapy have been very positive with everyone who has been a part of the research. I am looking forward to getting back to Atlanta and really pushing myself in the Beyond Therapy research project. However, I still need more return! My legs are slowly getting more and more feeling back in them and I am noticing vague movements in my feet and toes. The movement fades on me pretty quickly but there is something getting through. I need prayers to make the connections in my body stronger.
I have been in absolute AWE of the support I have gotten from so many of you reading my blog and following it regularly. It really touches me to know that I have so many prayers on my behalf. Everyday I meet new people who tell me that they have been reading my blog and following my progress. I know many of you do not comment but follow the blog weekly and most of you DAILY! My prayer is that everyone will be uplifted by my experiences and that you can use this blog to hopefully help you out in your daily walk!
Maybe, this was the purpose for my accident? Maybe, there is a reason this is all happening to me? I do not know why things happen but I DO know that God can take every situation and use it to glorify him and THAT is what I am trying to do with this blog. I want everyone to see the blessings in my life and not look at the tragedy of this accident. Yes, it is true that what has happened to me was terrible, but I will overcome it. I would not wish this injury on anyone and I pray that NO ONE has to go through it.
God blesses those who believe in him and have faith. I have NEVER wavered from my belief that I WILL get better. I have to give this entire injury over to God and allow him to work in my life. The response this blog has gotten is due only to God! I need prayers everyday in order to overcome this injury. My progress so far has been amazing. I will never stop working until I walk again. Even so I realize there is only so much I can do. I must have the healing hand of God to touch my legs in order to make me whole again. I have NO DOUBT that healing will happen. Thank you so much for your prayers! I am blessed that I am not doing this alone! My Christian brothers and sisters are always supporting me with your prayers. I would humbly ask that when you go to bed that you say a special prayer for me and my healing.
I also request continued prayers for my friend Jennifer. She is in her last week at Shepherds and will be returning to Little Rock next week. She too has seen recovery in her accident and I know that one day we will both walk again!! Please keep Jennifer Goodwin in your prayers as she battles with her injury.


debbie and jim said...

Brent, You continue to lift us all up by your wonderful example of faith in the Almighty God. He is truly awesome in his power both in using you as his servant to spread the Good News and in his healing power. Hallelujah!!! Keep on keeping on. You and your family remain in our prayers.. In HIS Love,, Deb and Jim

Cristina said...

I've been without internet for DAYS and it was KILLING me being unable to catch up on your blog B!!
All better now! You know I'm thinking about you :) Just waiting on a new video post of you walking! Can't wait to see you do it in person. Hugs!! Have a good day!

Power Time Electric, Inc. said...

God has blessed you with the ability to show GREAT faith to those you come in contact with. You have NOT let him down. Few people have the ability to show the faith that you have and live by. It is a real joy to read your blogs. Thank you, and we are continually praying for your COMPLETE healing. We love you, Robin and Kathy Pruitt

J said...

Dear Brent,
I go to Orange Ave Church of Christ and I really find you totally inspiring. My husband has a family member who is young....21 years old who just had a bale of hay fall on him and he has been told he will never walk again. I am sending your blog info to him and his family so he may find hope in your faith and light that God is shining through you being in a similar situation. Praying a prayer of healing for you tonight.....Brian & Jared Scavotto

Dave Reed said...

Brent, I am praying as I make this Blog entry that you may grow inches of new nerves today in your legs. I pray for the tingle in your toes to become controlled movements soon. I know God is working in you; we just have to be patient and wait upon the Lord. Keep smiling Brent, because life is worth a smile every day! God Bless!

jas said...

WOW BRENT! I met Richard from BMS over last weekend. We sat next to each other at the FEDS meeting. I almost fell out of my chair when he told us of your accident. I went up to him later and asked him how you are doing. I told him I had met you in MN last October at the JDS conference and in that short time could tell what a vivacious, friendly person you are. My next question to him was how you are doing mentally with everything that has happened to you. I could only imagine you were at wits end given your vitality before the accident. He said you were doing great and that you really are turning it into a success story. I couldn’t believe it. He sent me your blog and I read some of the first few days … it was about all I could do to maintain composure while at work. Jeeze it is truly a miracle you are alive with everything you have been through. I am sooooooooo happy for you that you are doing well and have a positive attitude. I am also filled with glee for all the support your family, friends, church, and likely strangers have given you and your family. I wish you the best in your continued journey. My vote is on you!

Olivia said...

Hi Brent. Carol you aunt I think have been praying for you at Mayfair Church Of Christ. Our class has heard that you can walk in a couple of weeks. I hope you get better.... Livy :)